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The Problem

The Problem

As your neighbor approaches your front door with a package that accidentally ended up in his mailbox, he takes a tumble on your sunken sidewalk and breaks an ankle. Is a lawsuit heading your way?
Because our region experiences all four seasons, the ground is constantly expanding, contracting and absorbing moisture. This can cause even the strongest concrete slab to deteriorate and settle over time.

The Solution

Concrete leveling—faster, less disruptive and more economical than tear-out and repair—is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Holes (1”-2” in diameter) are drilled into problem areas.


Pressurized mortar/water mixture is pumped into holes, to fill voids below and lift slab.


Holes are filled and patched.

Costing on average less than half of what concrete replacement does, the leveling process also allows immediate use (no curing time). Because giant slabs of concrete are not tossed into big machinery to be hauled to landfills, both your ears and the environment will be happy. The surrounding grass is kept intact, eliminating the need for reseeding. You won’t have a blinding white slab that screams “repair,” but you will have a strong, stable foundation.
Concrete leveling is ideal for sidewalks, driveways, porches, pool decks, garage floors and basements.

The Concrete Pro Promise

We promise to address the issues in your home as thoroughly as we would in our own. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction. We will not rest until your sidewalk stops giving everyone motion sickness.